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The Spacer Company Bore Spacer provides a cost effective means to ensure Conduit of varying sizes and configuration can installed through a pipe bore or casing with confidence and that a consistent approved separation of conduits will be maintained. Manufactured from Lightweight PVC board or our Super Tough 100% Recycled Polyethylene the Bore Spacer allows a completely customised solution.


It is typically recommended that a Bore Spacer be placed every 2 metres along the Conduit run. Variations to this are possible depending on conduit size, quantity, backfill method and bore/casing condition. Each Bore/Casing needs to be clean, free of debris to allow a smooth movement of the conduit arrangement to take place.

  1. View the conduit layout to determine the best method to load your conduit. Often working from the bottom up is most successful.
  2. Install each conduit length
  3. Using quality **Strap and Buckles wrap one length around the bundle of conduit BETWEEN the panels of the Bore Spacer. For Medium or Heavy Duty Applications place an additional Strap either size of the Bore Spacer.
  4. Lift the assembled unit and slew/slide the conduit into the bore.
  5. If necessary support any conduit which will remain protruding from the bore between each slewing action.
  6. Connect the next group of conduits and repeat the process.



  1. Each Bore Spacer must be held in place relative to the conduit during the backfill. Placing the strap firmly either side of the conduit will reduce the effect of temporary thrust load wanting to relocate the Bore Spacer.
  2. In some cases it is seen that the Conduit group will want to rotate during installation. Where provided, stabilising holes in the Bore Spacer can be used to feed a cable/rope along the length of the bore. Once tensioned this will reduce the tendency for rotation.
  3. The Conduit assembly should be held firmly at each end during the backfill process to eliminate effect of thrust loading causing the conduit to move within the bore.
  4. Depending on the type of backfill, in some cases floatation of conduit may occur.

**Choice of Strapping depends on the quantity and size of the Conduits being used. Stainless Steel strapping is required for larger arrangements. In most smaller cases 15mm Poly strapping is sufficient to secure the Conduit bundle. In one case we've even heard that a set of super cheap ratchet straps have been successfully used.

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