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The Spacer Company was born out of the need to address the problems encountered by power untility companies with the transmission of underground power in the currently changing climate conditions we are faced with.

It is well understood that due to an ever increasing demand on power delivery there is a tipping point which can be reached when increased demand requires addition load to be put into the delivery system and the system subsequently fails. Quite often additional load will result in unwanted overheating of undeground cabling should the Conduit Spacing be insufficient. At best this will result in a reduction in the ability to deliver the required planned power. At worst overheating may result in a fire within the Conduit Trench or Duct becoming a significant cost to the community.

The Spacer Company range of Patented Duct Spacers and Directional Bore Spacers form a cost effective means to ensure Conduit of varying sizes and configuration can be laid within the Conduit Trench or Duct with confidence and that a consistent approved separation of conduits will be maintained.

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